What makes a good presentation?

1. Draw out questions from your audience.
2. Show your audience how simple the topic is. Be mindful of the collective time you have with your entire audience, so speak from your heart.
3. Use simple slides and explain everything on your slides. The record so far is 30 graphs on a single powerpoint slide. Even the author had no idea what was going on.

A good measure of your presentation is in the number and quality of questions you have during and after your talk.
Think of the most challenging thing you have ever done in your life. Your talk is now in perspective.
Practice your talk for timing, content, and delivery. Then practice it again in front of someone else.
Share with your audience the simplicity and beauty of your subject matter.
Talk slow enough for your audience to clearly understand your message.
Avoid the pitfall of trying to baffle the audience with your brilliance.

Be excited about your subject! Excitement is contagious.

Let the nervous energy propel you to an inspired presentation.
Take advantage of any situations to bring in a bit of humor.
Record your presentation, and listen to it yourself.
Loosen up, view your audience during your talk.
Ask questions of your audience if acceptable.
Start slow and carefully build your message.
Survey your audience if acceptable.
Be spontaneous.